Product Features

Call Classification

Call Classification
Physician labels message urgent or non-urgent
  • Before a patient leaves a message, they will be asked to classify it as non-urgent or urgent. You can determine the screening method when you set up the message so that you have complete control of which calls you receive directly and which calls can be answered the following day.
  • After classification, messages will be automatically deposited into a folder marked either ‘non-urgent’ or ‘urgent’. Messages will be placed in each folder in real-time.

Message Customization

Message Customization
Personalize patient communiation
  • The message your patients hear is easily customizable, as is how you choose to respond. You can call the patient back with a click of a button, reply via text, or send a voice recording to avoid long conversation. This allows to you respond quickly, which saves you time without compromising the quality of care.
  • Once a message has been responded to, the message will be archived. Non-urgent messages will be deleted in 30 days, while urgent message will be saved for up to 7 years in accordance with HIPAA best practices.

Smart Notification

Smart Notification
Set the time interval of your notification
  • We’ll notify you in real-time if an urgent message is recorded. If you miss a message, you can set up timely alerts to remind you to check your message center.

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