Full Message Context

Message Details

Message Details
At greetings setup, instruct your callers to leave the exact details necessary to make quick, accurate decisions. Instructions can be continuously refined to ensure your on-call providers get the information they need

Read and Listen to The Message

Read and Listen to the Message
Rapidocc will immediately transcribe all after-hours messages into text, allowing on-call providers and staff to read the message contents. To supplement the transcription, users can check for accuracy by listening to the message. Consequently, users will receive full-context, reducing redundant and unnecessary questions.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with Rapidocc

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Register for Rapidocc and get your unique phone number.

Forward After hour calls

Replace your after hours call forwarding number with your Rapidocc phone number.


Download iOS/Android version of Rapidocc mobile application. Listen to or read your after-hour patients’ concerns.