Rapidocc is the leading after-hours medical software for healthcare providers.

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After-hours medical answering service

Rapidocc is a HIPAA compliant after-hours answering service that streamlines and improves the after-hours process for providers and patients. It replaces the live answering service with an easy to use and customizable software that can be adjusted to meet the needs of medical practice managers and on-call providers. With Rapidocc, healthcare providers can reclaim their time, while improving patient satisfaction.

What makes Rapidocc different?

  • Our automated medical answering service eliminates the need of a live operator, significantly reducing costs, minimizing inefficiencies, and giving you full control.
  • As a medical answering service software, we allow practices to fully customize how calls are routed, how doctors are notified, and how calls are responded to.
  • To improve after-hours call management, Rapidocc provides practices with an easy to use web portal to manage all call records and the On Call Schedule, and on-call providers with a simple mobile application.

Want to know more?

Call Routing

  • Customized
  • Route calls to the right doctor at the right time.
  • Receive calls as voicemails, patches, or screened patches.
  • Create multiple custom message greetings with instructions


  • Calendar
  • Schedule all providers for the month or the year.
  • Quickly edit on-call schedule on any tablet or computer.
  • Download schedule to share with other medical centers.


  • documentation
  • Communicate with staff about instructions or follow-ups.
  • Immediately type in all message notes and download all message details


  • in real time
  • Setup custom notification cycle preferences, including type and frequency
  • Change preferences with a few clicks.

HIPAA Complaint

  • and Secure
  • Privately call-back callers
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant architecture.

Full Message

  • context
  • Read message transcriptions
  • Listen to audio records for accuracy and tonality