Real-Time Notifications

Notification Cycle

Notification Cycle
On-call providers will never miss a call. Our cycle will be notify them in customized increments within a 30 minute time frame. Our real-time notification system will notify providers of urgent messages instantly, and Rapidocc can notify the provider every 5 or 10 minute increment.

Customized Notification Preferences

Customized Notification Preferences
To make sure providers get alerted, they can select and save the type and variation of notifications on their mobile applications. Providers can choose among text messages, phone calls, or real-time push notifications. Providers can update and save their preferences at any time to suit their needs in specific situations.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with Rapidocc

Sign up

Register for Rapidocc and get your unique phone number.

Forward After hour calls

Replace your after hours call forwarding number with your Rapidocc phone number.


Download iOS/Android version of Rapidocc mobile application. Listen to or read your after-hour patients’ concerns.